Wednesday, 12 April 2017

This is a first demo but you can download and try it first! (Although we are still working on more advance features now.) We will make announcement soon. Even though you do not have a VR goggle, you can still play. By moving the handset up and down, you will see that you are moving forward. If you shake the handset really hard, you can see that you are flying high in the VR world. Let your friends know!

Click here to download the app. 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Workshop for Shellhut Entertainment Staff

We are honoured to be invited to provide a workshop on Animation Pipeline, Production Management and IP Creations for Shellhut Entertainment Staff.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Shelldon in Thailand

Shelldon is like Thailand's Mickey Mouse. This is the project that we have worked together for the first time and also our first series. Many Tiny Island pioneers have worked on this project.

Our CEO, David Kwok has visited Shellhut Entertainment. It is the top animation production in Thailand and the only production which has created IPs that has gone worldwide. We are honoured and fortunate to have built this relationship for the last 10 years. At the beginning, we have been through good and bad times together. Tiny Island 🌴 will not have existed without them. The founder is not just my partner, he is also a Friend and Brother to me.

Meeting the founder of RIFF Studio

It's my Honour to be able to meet the founder of RIFF Studio. RIFF has been doing amazing work and they have made Thailand proud. I look forward for more opportunities to collaborate with them. We have so much to learn from them. They are one of the best studio in Thailand.

Shelldon and merchandise

Flying with bird series

Shelldon Marquette

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Fukuoka Comedy Animation Market Day 1

Our CEO, David Kwok is currently in Japan. He has attended the Fukuoka Comedy Animation Market. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Shared Link: The Question of Being the First Mover by David Kwok

A member of our group feedback to me about his thoughts on being the first mover in business. ” In businesses, first mover advantage often proves otherwise. The first one to do something usually fails. It’s more of a trap, really. 

Usually, the followers observe and see what works and take out what doesn’t, then gain critical mass and soon people forget about the first mover while crowning the first one to gain critical mass. 2 cents.” 

This is my answer below:

“You are right. I have another approach to this. I can only speak for my own experience. 

When I said first mover, I don’t mean that you blindly go into it. One still need to evaluate the risk. My objective for being the first mover is for branding, publicity and awareness of our company. (Which is very important since we are a small company.) It is almost like jumping the queue. From no one knowing who you are to the global players pay attention to what you do...

To read full article, click here

Last meeting at Marza and Sega

Our CEO, David Kwok had a last meeting at Marza and Sega America.

Meeting with Dan Clark and Oscar

Our CEO, David Kwok had a meeting with Dan Clark and Oscar who are our script and storyboard partners for food truckers.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Meeting at Splash Entertainment

It was a good meeting at Splash Entertainment yesterday. Thank you to Splash for their help, Dream Defender is now on Kabillion and Amazon Prime in the U.S. Also the amazing Popeye deal. Thank you so much to Mike Young and David Di Lorenzo for all your support. 

Catch up with Vic Cook

It was great to be able to catch up with Vic Cook, Executive Producer of Hasbro Studio.

Previously we were working with Vic on the award winning Ben 10 Destroy all Aliens for Cartoon Network. Vic was the director for the film.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How did we survive? by David Kwok

I met a friend in LA today. He used to be a senior management in a major studio. He asked me today. 

"How did you manage to survive? The market situation back home was so bad. Regional countries provide cheaper services. You do not have huge investor's money to back you up. Your company is so small. "

This is my answer.
"At times, I do ask myself whether this is my last month. ha ha.

I applied some of the principles of how our late Prime Minister build Singapore. 

1) Build strong relations and connections with major players in North America and in Asia. Make yourself useful to others. As long as you are a useful chess piece to others. You will become important though you are small.
2) Identify new trends that can propagate. Move into new areas and take advantage of first mover. Provide unique services that others cannot provide.
3) Anticipate changes. Prepare new business model and adapt fast to the change."

Shared Link: The challenges you should know in producing an animated series these days by David Kwok

(The following is written based on my own experience. It is meant to give independent producers a clear view of the current market situation. The following does not apply to big studios who has deep pockets or with strong commercial channels)
I have attended a Children TV Trade Show in the US recently. At the event, I have met a couple of independent producers. When they presented their IP to me, I am quite surprised that they are still trapped in the old system; expecting the TV licensing fee alone to cover the production cost. (Covering production cost is hard these days. Not to even mention profit. Even DVD market is dead.) One really need a licensing/merchandising strategy. It is no long an option. It is really hard to create an animated TV series or IP just to tell story without a commercial strategy in mind. I know it sounds horrible in a creative stand point. It is really not easy to raise funds these days.

To read the full article, click here!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Great Catch up

It's great to be able to catch up with Tom Zhao, Arthur Fong and Aemilia. When Tom Zhao was in Blur Studio and Arthur Fong in Dreamworks, they helped CG Protege run some wonderful master class. Arthur is now the Production Designer for BaseFx in LA. Hope we can work together again. Aemilia is Tiny Island Scholar currently working in LA.

Our CEO runs two companies, CG Protege Animation School and Tiny Island Productions.

Business Trip to LA

Our CEO, David Kwok is still in LA for Business Trip. To follow his journey, you can check out our Facebook page here

 13th Feb - Meeting with our (Dream Defenders) production and distribution partner at Kidscreen Summit, Chapman Maddox (VP of Development and Production - Kid's and Family Entertainment, Fremantle Media) and Bob Higgins (EVP Children's and Family Entertainment at Fremantle Media).

 17th Feb - 1st Meeting in LA. Always thankful for the opportunity.

Meeting with our wonderful writers for Dream Defenders. Eric and Julia Lewald. 

Singaporeans unite! So good to bump into fellow Singaporeans who are working in the industry in LA.

  Meeting at the home of Power Rangers.

 Jonathan Sherman, Founder of Bang Zoom. One of the lead production house in LA. Our (Tiny Island Prodictions) Animatics partner for our new production - Food Truckers.

 Dan Clark Company - Our (Tiny Island Productions) script & Storyboard partner for Food Truckers - Our new project.